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Fixer’ Up Cadillac

Look what just rolled into the shop! Grab your jumpsuit, pry bar, and wrench and get ready to get greasy! This wooden replica of a vintage Cadillac is every little future mechanic's dream. The hood is popped open so they can get the best view of the problem and see what needs repaired. The car comes with a play wrench in which your little mechanic will use to take apart and replace the wheels, bumpers, and engine parts. Tell your little mechanic that your having some engine difficulties and only they can fix it, but don't be too disgruntled when they hand you the bill!

Fir and Pine Wood Body, Faux Dashboard,  Faux Metallic Retro Trim,  Clear Hard-Plastic Windshield, Interactive Engine with detachable parts, Custom License Plate, Detachable Wheels, Detachable Bumper, Faux Headlights, Play Wrench,  Movable Steering Wheel (Note: Steering wheel does not control wheels).


  • 36″ wide x 92″ deep
  • Total Height: 32″

The Default model is Blue but may be customized to your choosing.

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